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There is nothing better!!

Absolutely NOTHING..is better than a female with muscle.

Ok for me that is, could be the whole “i want to be an FBB” lmao,or maybe it’s just cause athleticism runs in my blood. Who knows, but what i do know is that one of the reasons i want to be a FBB (Female Bodybuilder) who competes is because of the sexy physique. The way it moves, the way it’s chiseled. The whole thing is VERY appealing to me.

  I mean SERIOUSLY..look at her!  Sure she is a little small in this pic for my tastes but Diana Stanback (my coach’s ex-wife) is GORGEOUS. Her lines, those dips and curves. OH MAN..i want that!

People often think that women with muscle (especially women with ALOT of muscle) aren’t feminine..or sexy. I completely disagree.  When i see this i think “GODDESS” it’s what i want to be, it’s what i want to attain. Being a competitor in bodybuilding helps me achieve this because it helps me learn how to maintain a look like this. Sure during off season i wont be as lean, but man..that’s the best cause it means i get to lift HEAVY..and GROW!!!

Who said muscular women weren't sexy?!! (Mavi Gioia)

At one point in time in my life, well most of it that is, i always shied away from trying to maintain my muscle. You see..i come from a family full of sprinters, basketball players, and soccer fanatics. Sports has always been a part of me. Until i stopped!! Why? well..hmmm. I was 12, running 5 different events on my Middle School’s 8th grade track team and for some reason i was gaining weight. HUH? Yea, well at the time everyone thought i was getting fat (i’ve always been a healthy eater, comes from my Nigerian upbringing).  It took me till maybe 1-2 years ago to realize that it wasn’t fat..it was MUSCLE..it just so happened that i put on muscle fast and had no idea. My siblings all  have long tall athletic physiques. I on the other had was always wide, and big, but still just as athletic.

(sorry didn’t mean to get off topic..ha ha)

Well anywho.. lets fast forward to now. Pretty much i was made to be a female bodybuilder. I was built this way.

No that's NOT me at 12yrs old, but i'm sure Lenda Murray wouldn't mind me claiming it to be true..lol

December 2010 after years of mulling it around i decided i was going to compete. For real this time. I met a wonderful person Nancy Onyett who took me under her wing and introduced me to her coaches..and i’ve never looked back. THEY ARE AWESOME!! Not only did my coaches come with.. well coaching (duh), they came with a team of female bodybuilders, a gym, a lifestyle. I am so grateful!

Everything just fell in my lap, and then they told me they couldn’t make me a Figure girl. I have too much lean body mass!! My lean body mass is more than some FBBs compete on stage with, it would be too unhealthy for me to lose that muscle (and it’s almost impossible) so..here i am embracing the fact that i’m muscular..and further embracing my desire to get even more muscular. To walk around my daily life looking like a Goddess.

Women with muscle are amazing. Sure there is the unhealthy part, but other than that, women with muscle still eat well, are for the most part healthier than 95% of the population and treat their bodies well with tons of exercise. I mean..come on..what is not appealing about THAT?!!?!

Holy ARMS Lenda!! Yep..that's what i want

I’m a woman with muscle..better yet, i’m a woman with muscle who is elated at the fact that she gets to become sexier, bigger and who gets to finally be able to be who i am meant to be. I’M HAPPY!!