You are my enemy!!

Yes that’s right…i have an enemy.

It’s name?? Any guesses?  It’s that thing we all love to hate, it usually lurkes in the cardio section of most gyms. It’s loud and it’s threatening.  It’s too big to beat up and it’s too valuable to not use.

Yes…i’m describing the dreaded STEP MILL!!!


Man O’ Man is this going to  It’s been 15 weeks of contest prep for me and coach has decided that i’m going to start doing cardio. If you dont know me have no idea how much i loathe cardio.  I’m a meathead through and through. I like to pick things up and put them down and sometimes when i pick them up i make the weight understand whose boss right before i put it down again..LMAO.

I’m no cardio bunny. I dont ever plan on running a marathon and i dont ever plan on doing steady state cardio for fun.  That’s just not me. I like my muscle and i like doing things to make my muscles look bigger..SO I LIFT.  And i like to lift heavy (Just for fun!!)

I used to run track when i was younger, but i was always the sprinter..i like to go fast..and i like to go hard, doing anything longer than a minute is annoying..HA HA HA!! happened!!

So here i am..about to embark on my last 9+ weeks of prep understanding that i’m now going to have to conquer that step mill for 30 min each night.  And for those 30 minutes i will have to establish my authority over the machine that helps shape gorgeous legs.  I”m determined to not fall this time (yes..i fell off the step mill once..).  The step mill gave me one look and i fell off!! And it laughed at me, and i never got back on.

Of course when my coach decided that i was going to do step mill as my cardio he had no idea how terrified of it i am.  Of course he still doesn’t know, and it’s because i’m not one to have someone tell me what to do to help myself and argue with them about how i dont like something. He’s the pro..i am not. so i trust him.

And i will not fall..END OF STORY.

But if i do fall..don’t worry..i will give it a kick or two (or push it over) and then i’ll get back on. Because being in the best shape of my life, competing and being a BODY BUILDER is something i desire above most things.


10 responses to “You are my enemy!!

  • bikiniorbust

    I’m going to tell you a secret.

    You ARE a bodybuilder. 😀

  • Kari

    This has helped me deal with cardio: every time you have negative thoughts about it or start to dread it, remember that it’s just another thing that will help you reach your goal. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Secret: I trip on the stairs of the stepmill. 😛

    • chocolatemuscle

      ha ha..Kari you’re absolutely right on point. Last night after i had a panic attack i just decided to do 10 min..then when i finished that 10 min..i knew i could finish the remaining 20 min. Small Victories, but that is what i told my coach when he got all concerned this morning that i didnt’t tell him of my fear. It’s just another thing that will help me. why fight it? 🙂

  • Tim

    How do you contest prep folks do your cardio, steady or intervals?

    I’m a bit of a meat head too, not big enough to compete yet, but I’ve been focusing on leaning up lately. I’ve been debating my approach to cardio. In my opinion (and my nutritionist agrees with me) high intensity intervals will ultimately result in more fat loss. But trainers at my gym (not my trainers, because I refuse to use one) say that slow and steady is better.

    I know that the intervals are keeping my heart rate above my anaerobic threshold during cardio, which results in pure carb burn while exercising. But it raises the RMR over the next 24 hours ultimately resulting in more fat burn than 30 minutes of lighter cardio would do. That’s the theory anyway.

    Plus I find that while the intervals are brutal, they’re much more entertaining than slow & steady cardio.

    So, I’m curious how you contest prep folks approach it.

    • chocolatemuscle

      Hi Tim,
      Preferably i dont do cardio at all, but seeing how this is my first comp and i dont really know how a prep should work my guess is that you do steady state towards the end of prep.
      My coaches are infamous for training women BBs and as far as i know speaking to my other teammates my coaches put you on a diet starting about 20 weeks out, and no sodium, lots of water, no cheats (maybe once a month, but it’s usually something like sushi, w/ limited fat). Because this is my 1st time, my coaches aren’t familiar with my body (i started out w/ alot of fat AND muscle) so what they’ve done is they started my cardio @ 9 weeks out for 30 min a night on the step mill. The other women sometimes dont do cardio at all or they start in the last 2 weeks. that’s because the diet has been modified at least 10 times by then to adjust for the body so sometimes there is no cut needed.
      AS far as others i know (Figure, Bikini, Mens BB) i know that they do cardio the entire prep. i’m not sure if the difference is because of the composition to a Female BB and how we need to drop more weight, stick to a stricter diet and deal with more hormonal issues than the other divisions, but this type of training/prep seems common amongst Female BBS 🙂

  • A Fine Balance

    BAHAHAHAH I love this post

    I hate the stair mill too!

    I am prparing for my first fitness competition 10 weeks out! yikes!
    Love your blog!

    • chocolatemuscle

      lmao..i’m not sure i know anyone who truly loves the stair mill..but ya never lmao
      That’s wonderful that you’re competing. it’s such a fulfillment 🙂
      good luck with everything and thank you 🙂

  • Ern

    I love how you talk. You are so hot. I may love you.

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