Why does that have to smell so good…

…because it was made to entice and tempt the mind of a committed person on a strict diet.  that’s why..lol

I would say above all else my biggest hurdle for attaining the best physique and making it to comp day is by far the constant all day AND night cravings.  And it doesn’t help when you live near every single fast food place in town. I can’t even drive to the bookstore (which is 5 min away) without passing 6 or more fast food places, not to mention the 5 other sit down restaurants.  UGH!! torture for sure.


Currently my prep has been going on for 15 long grueling weeks. No sodium, low carb, low-fat. I’m starting to feel like a lizard..lmao, i swear i now have the ability to smell with my tongue..HA HA HA.  I can smell salty fat dripping burgers a mile away and my will power is slipping!!!

The one thing I’ve got to remember is i have 9 weeks 5 days to conquer this mind of food issue. I’ve got to keep my mind focused on how AMAZING my body will look if i eat everything I’m supposed to eat, drink all the water i need to and win the battle over my cravings.  At this point in my prep my diet is the sole reason i will look like the goddess i need to be stepping on stage.  And although i love training..that comes in a far 2nd place to my diet.

I need a mantra..something where i can close my eyes..rock back and forth and chant over and over to find my taste bud demons (yes those little beasts exist..and they enjoy seeing you weak).

I can do this. I’ve already beat 15 weeks of this..what’s 9 weeks and 5 days…right?

AYE DIOS.  Mind over Food!!!  Time to kick it up a notch!!


4 responses to “Why does that have to smell so good…

  • jenklimek

    You got this girl! Not too much longer 🙂 You look GREAT! I find the mind over matter challenge is the hardest challenge to overcome, once you control your mind the rest is history 🙂

    • chocolatemuscle

      thanks girlie. it’s so hard. being on this strict diet for so long..and only being a bit of the way through. TOUGH..lol but you’re absolutely right..i know that once i get into a longer habit with my goal in the front of my mind it will be so easy to just do and not think at all 🙂

  • bikiniorbust

    Success is sweeter than any piece of cake.
    Confidence that you did your ABSOLUTE best is more savoury than fries.
    Reaching an audacious goal is more satisfying than sitting down for a quick and easy meal.

    The diet is tough for sure, but there is no doubt in my mind that you are tougher. No doubt.

    • chocolatemuscle

      my Sexy Librarian..i think you’re trying to make me fall in love with you..lol. YOU’RE right..you are. that feeling of success lasts alot longer than that bite of something fried or something sweet. Success will fall asleep with you and will still be there on your soul and on your body when you wake up. that one bite of food will haunt you and give you more guilt than food ought to. SUCH A SMART WOMAN YOU ARE 🙂

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