Hello there…

Hi..I’m Valerie 🙂

I’ve decided to write a blog..(well duh silly), but not just any blog.  I plan to spill my busy brain into this blog a place where i can look back and go “what was i thinking?!??!”

Lol..ok.  i’ll just get to it. I’m an aspiring Female Bodybuilder. And this blog will be all about my road to my first bodybuilding show in July in San Jose.  Everything bodybuilding, diet, fitness and some minor venting could be in this blog..so beware..HA HA.

I’m very simple..my life IS body building!!  I breathe it and EVERYTHING related to it excites me.  I’m a total sucker for diet talk, bodybuilding life, the ups and downs and even the glamorous stuff (photo shoots, cheat meals, SHOW TIME).  Just ask all my Twitter people.  I’m all over it!! I love supporting my FitFab Twitter fam. I can truly say they are my daily motivation for pushing through on my journey. Without their constant support i know to achieve my dream would be ALOT harder than it already is..and for them i am truly grateful (still grateful even though now i’m addicted to Twitter..lol)

I’ll just let you know…being a bodybuilder is some tough stuff!! You’ll find out all about it if you continue to read further…

Until next time. HUGS & KISSES 🙂 🙂


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